Venoa Events is a team of creative, dynamic and dedicated professionals who offer any and every requirement for the following;

Corporate Events

Plenty of businesses have events these days, thus giving event companies the chance to show off what they have to offer! Venoa Events builds up a business’ vision with a professional set up and makes business meetings a success.

Event Planning, Management and Coordination

Planning, managing and coordinating your desired event is an essential aspect of Venoa Events services. We
work closely with the client and select an overall theme for the event to direct your event on the right track, bringing
your vision to reality!

Exhibition Conference

At Venoa Events, we help you execute a tour for your exhibition & conference event. Planning a corporate get together to share information, learn, and network.

Video and Photography Services

What is an event without capturing the best moments? Whether it’s a party or a corporate event, Venoa Events provides you with pleasing images and videos that will recapture the essence of the moment every time you watch


Getting the word out about your event starts with creativity! Venoa Events provides you with a campaign that demonstrates solid strategy and the most creative and innovative advertising ideas. We assist you in producing brochures, catalogues, business cards, corporate gifts or items.